Ferroglobe is among the largest producers of both 50% and 75% high-purity ferrosilicon. We provide our customers’ steel with an increase in hardness and deoxidizing properties and improved strength and quality



An introduction to ferroalloys

Ferroalloys are master alloys containing iron and one or more non-ferrous metals that are used as the most economical way to introduce an alloying element in the steel melt. Their main benefits are an improvement in steel tensile strength, regular strength and resistance to wear and tear and corrosion. All of this is achieved by:

  • A change in the chemical composition of the steel
  • The removal of harmful impurities such as Sulphur, nitrogen or oxygen
  • A change in the solidification process, for example, upon inoculation

What is Ferrosilicon used for?

This product has many applications in steel production and casting. It contributes an increase in hardness and deoxidising properties but also with an improvement in strength and quality of iron steel products. Using it to manufacture inoculants and nodularisers can give specific metallurgical properties to the final products produced, which can be:

  • Stainless steel: for superior corrosion resistance, hygiene, aesthetic and wear-resistance qualities
  • Carbon steels: used extensively in suspension bridges and other structural support material and in automotive bodies
  • Alloy steel: other types of finished steel

In fact, high-purity products are used in the production of grain-oriented (FeSi HP/AF Specialty Steel) and non-oriented electrical sheet and specialty steels requiring low levels of aluminium, titanium, boron and other residual elements.

Whether used for deoxidizing, inoculating, alloying, or as a source of fuel, our quality ferrosilicon products have stood the test of time.