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Manufacturing is fundamental to a strong economy. We support public policies that encourage a thriving manufacturing sector because that leads to economic growth, job creation and expansion of fair-trade policies.

Creating American Jobs

As a growing manufacturer in the U.S., we are committed to maintaining and increasing the number of good-paying jobs. This includes a commitment to improving America’s infrastructure and technological advances. Failing to protect U.S. jobs depresses economic growth, imposes higher unemployment costs on governments and opens the way for the environmental degradation and exploitation of workers that too many foreign governments allow.

american jobs
Fair Trade

Fair trade balances export and import policies in a healthy way. We support fair-trade policies that permit open commerce between nations but also discourage predatory pricing practices that hinder or prohibit the development of domestic production and supply chains. Anti-dumping provisions in U.S. law should be diligently enforced because they prevent foreign entities from flooding the American market with artificially low-priced goods.

Supply Chain Protection

U.S. dependence on foreign sources for mineral alloys vital to national security puts American interests at risk. That’s why the U.S. government should protect American production of silicon metal. The Interior Department should expand its critical minerals list to include silicon metal. The listing should be augmented by government incentives that will aid production and investment in research and development. The combination would open the way to increased domestic exploration, production, recycling, and reprocessing — all significant advancements.

Silicon Alloy

Silicon-metal, a core Ferroglobe product, is essential to the U.S. because it is used in cutting-edge technology fundamental to infrastructure and national security. Silicon-metal is a supply chain component critical to U.S. products such as computer chips, solar cells and batteries. Only two silicon-metal producers remain in U.S., including three Ferroglobe locations in Selma, AL; Alloy, WV; and Beverly, OH. Currently, China is responsible for at least 66 percent of total global silicon-metal production.

Buy American

President Biden has made clear that he wants to support U.S. services and production of goods. In early 2021, he signed an Executive Order directing federal agencies to secure and strengthen America’s supply chains. We support that initiative, especially as it relates to silicon metals.

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