Other Products

As part of our commitment with environment preservation, we refine the by-products of our operation and make them available for our customers
Other Products


Steel Processing Products

Our products are developed for clean steel practices required for maximized productivity. These customized Metallurgical additives quickly provide a fluid ladle slag to improve steelmaking and product quality. They also provide a liquid slag with high CaO and low FeO levels that maximizes the absorption of oxide inclusions and sulfur that is required to achieve the necessary requirements for steel products of today.

We have capabilities of packaging product bulk pneumatic, bulk dump, and various weight super sacks and in 50# bags on pallets.

Ladle Desulfurizers

Customized Lime based Desulfurizers, designed for maximum ladle refining. These superior-quality, cost-effective products are used during and after furnace tapping.

Slag Conditioners / Deoxidizers

Customized Slag Conditioners added to furnace slag carried over into the steel ladles after tap to neutralize and reduce FeO and MgO levels. Our Slag Conditioners enhance the alloy recoveries, desulfurization efforts, and control of Aluminum analysis in the ladle.

Synthetic Slags

Customized Synthetic Slags for slag free tap to provide a highly basic and fluid slag that maximizes the absorption of impurities from the steel. These products can be customized with or without MgO and can contain Calcium Aluminates, Fluorspar, and/or Calcium Silicate

Calcium Aluminate

Our Calcium Aluminates are customized to our customer requirements to promote slag fluidizing and refinement capabilities to a lime-rich LMF Slag. Our Calcium Aluminates also provide a cost effective alternative to Fluorspar in Aluminum killed steel processes.


We also process Fluorspar. Fluorspar is supplied to steelmakers for use as a fluxing agent where it increases the fluidity of steelmaking slags.